The Studio

Designed for business

We are a small studio established in 2006. Over the years we have evolved into what is now a humble, down to earth, living breathing brand which excels in helping others sculpt their visions. If we had to sum it up in a few words we would agree on embracing our geekery and contributing to business through killer design! We believe in good design, good people and the collaborative sharing of ideas fuelled by plenty of green tea. We would after all rather talk in colours, typography and images, so please do take a look through our portfolio

Discover, be on trend and then make it your own.





Creative Director

Katie has worked to create a studio sub-culture which promotes growth and creativity (must buy more vinyl and magazines...) With a passionate approach to design, an eye for detail and the vision to connect, improve and communicate your ideas. 

Efficiently directing a project, selecting and refining the essence of your values will feel like an organic process; it is a structured and selective process underpinned by exceptional design, great direction and Katie's receptiveness to ideas.

The joy is in problem solving and seeing it come alive.



Senior Designer

Enthusiastic and genuinely excited by design she is the studio fact file of fonts and it's a great day when the leading matches up. Georgie’s inquisitive mind, hands on and technical knowledge means she brings a balanced approach to create well interpreted graphic artwork. As senior designer Georgie always has her finger on the pulse!

The joy is in the act of making. Dreaming in short cut codes and orange.





Rob has always had a passion for technology and the possibilities coded brilliance can create from an early age. Initially through curiosity, then through steadfast years of education, Rob has built a wealth of knowledge about computers and the curious world of the internet we all rely on for so much. He prides himself on constantly learning to always excel with latest technologies and relishes new projects with an element of unknown.

Specialising in object oriented web programming, the joy is in the quietly unseen and yet highly functional line of perfectly written code.


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