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Berndnaut Smilde

These photographs are breathtaking and rife with conceptual metaphors...
Bringing the elements inside... Exploring interior spaces with external elements... The artist as god...  Weather galleries. Temporal, sculptural and temporal. Ephemeral micro-climates!
The list goes on...

Smilde certainly created a moment where you know something profound and ephemeral has happened and these images are not just the witness, but part of the action, the experience.
Wouldn't you just love to experience these moments or better still know all the behind the scenes info! To this extent are these action shots? How long do these clouds last and how even did Smilde get approval to make these grand spaces so damp... The wizardry of these shots really do make the mind crave for more, to understand the science behind the art and to experience the climate of these spaces.

Is hearing someones voice the online version of seeing someones handwriting? Now that we type most messages it can be quite sometime before seeing someones handwriting. How long can you work with someone before seeing how they hash out notes? Handwriting can be so personable, anyway I love that this short video gives so much insight into the artists personality just by hear the tone and attenuation of his words.





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