Salad Leaf Plant Time Lapse Animation

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So the phrase 'Mind the Tripod' has been trumpeted a little this week. Our latest pet plant made it to our studio after searching high and low for this current and highly acclaimed interior species - thank you Sub Tropica for delivering this to our door. Culminating with a fancy new piece of  Astro Time Lapse photography kit, it only seemed natural to document the growth of a Salad Leaf plant!

The large jumps in this animation are the amazing growth spurts which occur between six at night and six in the morning, who would have thought photosynthesis had a night life. Its been interesting to watch the colour temperature variances of natural light shift between early morning and through the duration of the days.

The magical delight in this time lapse is revealing what goes unobserved in the gradual shift of time.
The Astro is a great piece of kit, however its largest increment is 35 seconds and I wish it went to one hour increments. This animations stills are shot every 45minutes. Cant resist watching this guy growing  so will leave this animation running next week too - don't move the tripod!


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