Hycraft Blanket Campaign

Campaign Design, Photography

When working with a client on a campaign we absolutely love to see artwork distributed across many assets and platforms. This stunning campaign for Hycraft carpets is the perfect case study for cohesive visuals modified for print, digital and even product design. The team meticulously crafted location imagery, studio photography and a series of campaign graphics to bring this promo to life. It was hit with retailers and customers alike and the beautiful designs are so classic and elegant they will stand the test of time.

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Poster Close up 10
2022 HYC Chatsworth 520Devonshire 0865 RGB
Free Round Sticker Mockup 1 2022 HYC FlatLays 1986
LandingPageMockup 3560840 v2
HYCraft Roundel Mockup 4 Project InsertShapes 2
2022 HYC Chatsworth 520Devonshire 0878 RGB
HYC Wobbler Mockup 3
HYC Blanket Label IMG 2863
HYC Tearaway Mockup
Project InsertShapes 1
HYC SocialStories PSD 2