NZPG - Prime Books & Posters

Graphic Design, Print

Empowering the consumer by making available to them fully comprehensive range and specification guides in a manageable size and format that they would want to keep close to hand on a studio self was the brief for this range of books for Prime Panels. As their offering has grown a series of posters was also included to promote the ranges, and launch the new guides.

We have heard (unsolicited) from specifiers that NZPG's website and information library is by far the easiest to use and keep's them in place as a firm favourite.

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PrimeStone Poster Elite Brand Hanging Poster Mockup
Project InsertShapes 5 PrimeVeneer mokap1
VeneerSpread1 1
Prime Office Indoor Hanging Poster Mockup PSD
Prime Mockup2
Project InsertShapes 8 v2
PrimeBook Mockup Hardcover Vol3
PrimeMelamine mokap1
PrimeAcrylic Poster Free Glued Paper on Concrete Wall Poster Mockup
PrimeBooks060 6x9 Book Boxset Small Spine Mockup COVERVAULT
Prime Feature A5 Leaflet Mockup 1
Project InsertShapes 18
PrimeStone mokap1 v2
StoneSpread3 StoneSpread2
PrimeVeneer Poster Free Glued Paper Poster Mockup
Prime Posters LineUp
PrimeBooks 077 6x9 Book Series Presentation COVERVAULT v2